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Setting Up School Trophy Cases

by:OUYEE     2020-05-12
Every school is proud of its achievements. Having school trophy cases does a lot for the institution. It boosts morale for not just the teams but the student body. It also is a great way to keep some history in the school if you add to the trophy case over time. It's a display of achievements that make students, faculty and alumni alike proud to be a part of that school community. So buying the right trophy showcases and displaying them the right way is going to mean everything. Consider what awards and trophies will be displayed. Some schools only display trophies from their biggest sports; baseball, basketball, football, hockey and the like. Some like to also display trophies from other past times like chess or debate, or any other number of competitions. You'll want to know what you are going to display because you may need to buy multiple trophy cases to have space for it all. School trophy cases are often displayed in the main first floor hallway of a school so both visitors and students will see it every day. This is an option if you have wide enough hallways and the extra space. You could also set up sports specific trophies in the area of your gym or wherever most practices are held. It would stand as motivation for players to keep up the good work and aim to win those same trophies for the next season. Once you decide where they are going to go, measure your width and height before ordering any glass showcases. Also measure your largest trophies. You do not want to install shelving and realize you can't fit that huge cheer leading trophy because it's too tall. Always go by the largest trophy per shelf and you'll know how much height you need. Arranging the trophies is another issue you'll have to think of. Placing heavier trophies on the bottom shelf is the safest way to go about it, because that bottom shelf is going to be able to hold more weight at the base. You may also want to use a trophy from a big event or even a team picture in the middle, to pull the eye towards it and make it a focal point. Once your school trophy cases are set up, it may be a nice idea to have an unveiling ceremony. After all, what better way to let the student body know about the new addition than to celebrate it? The school spirit with definitely soar with the new display.
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