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Shine Bright - Displaying Jewelry The Right Way

by:OUYEE     2020-05-14
If you are in the jewelry or gem stone industry, I bet you could use some useful tips to ensure that you display your jewelry right so that your customers find it easy to browse through your products, designs and feel enchanted with them. The type of display unit that you choose for your shopfitting needs depends very much on the type of jewelry that you are selling. For the purpose of categorizing them easily, let's just categorize them into three - expensive jewelry (i.e. gold, silver and the likes), medium-range jewelry (gemstones comes to mind) and costume jewelry (accessories made from plastic, wood and other materials). For top quality jewelry, apart from the aesthetics, the first thing that comes to mind is safety. Whilst it is important to get a display unit that shows off the beauty of each design, the top requirement for displaying expensive jewelry is safety. You would want something that you can easily lock up and unlock. If possible, ask the shelving and display company to provide you with or replace the glass panels with reinforced glass counter tops to keep the jewelry safe and provide maximum security against robbery. For medium-priced jewelry, the same precaution can be taken, if possible and if budget permits; otherwise, a simple glass top display system can be used. The most important thing is ease of use. We would strongly encourage you to use display panels that can be locked up too because gemstones are sometimes target of ill-intentioned people. Another important factor to take into consideration is the casing and if the glass comes with UV protection in cases whereby there is lots of natural light coming into the store. Remember, some materials react to sunlight negatively and affects the quality (hence, pricing too) of the jewelry. Some stores carry lots of gemstones and other forms of jewelry at the same - keep them separate so that customers are not confused with what you are selling, easily mistaking the precious gemstones from other jewelry made from lower quality stuff. If all else fails, label them properly on the display counter, or have a helpful sales assistant readily available in the outlet. Sellers of costume jewelry have it easier because the materials are less costly but this does not mean that sellers can get away with shabbily displaying the products. Keep it simple and easy to reach. Display them according to size, design, colors and shapes if you have the space for it. Freestanding display panels or wall-mounted display system works best for most costume jewelry stores.
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