Ouyee, store display furniture manufacturer since 1998, original shop interior design & shop fixtures manufacturing factory

Shoes and bags store design to display entirely handmade creations.


This shop design was based on the desire to offer clients a more convenient and appealing space in which to display the brand’s entirely handmade creations. 


The previous store was subdivided into two spaces open to the public and a storeroom, all at street level; from the entrance one reached a large, anonymous room, which conveyed an impression of neglect regarding the details and the product displays. To the right, there was a second, smaller space with a series of fitting rooms and additional display rods. One of the fitting rooms provided access to the storeroom, which also contained a fourth streetfront window that was never utilized and was left completely closed.

The new project starts precisely from the idea of disrupting this state of affairs and “opening” the interior of the shop towards the two streets it faces, eliminating two of the three fitting rooms, shifting the storage area into the first room where the entrance is located, and refurbishing the window on Via Gherardi that faces the most popular ice cream shop in Senigallia.At the same time, a new storeroom is provided at the back of the first room, which now has more comfortable, welcoming proportions.

From the entrance visitors arrive in a room with a feminine touch of elegant taste, including Pop design citations from the 1970s like the pink neon of the display cases and the double fuchsia sofa that references the famous Bocca model by Studio 65 for Gufram. The choice of the sofa with the form of lips forms a link to the Gaia del Greco logo, the imprint of a kiss left with fuchsia lipstick. All the design choices, such as the range of colors, for example, respond to the need to create an environment that appeals to a female target, lovers of fashion who pay close attention to details.

The interior walls feature plasterboard decorations with an arched form that echoes the shape of the streetfront openings. The footwear and accessories on display are all very special and colorful. To enhance the experience of the merchandise, the arches that form the backdrop for the wrought iron shelves have been painted white. The color peach suggests the fuzzy surface of the fruit, while fuchsia evokes the lipstick kiss logo.

The cash desk is clad in mirrors, to reflect the shoes as the customers try them on. The final touch is the pink neon in the form of an arch that frames the products displayed in the windows, immediately catching the eye of passers-by. The neon fixtures are programmed to stay on until 2.00 AM, creating a vivid atmosphere for the surrounding streets.