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Should I Order Custom Displays for My Jewelry?

by:OUYEE     2020-05-13
I am often asked if ordering custom jewelry displays is an intelligent investment, as there seems to be many standard products out on the market already that would appear to do a fine job presenting jewelry. The fact of the matter is that there is an infinite possibility of displays you can use to present your jewelry; the problem is that the perfect display does not exist yet. There's an old adage 'nothing is perfect', and while this may be true, there are displays for your jewelry presentation which are simply superior to others when it comes to maximizing the sales of your jewelry. Obviously, a custom jewelry display will most likely cost more than a non-custom display, the question of how much more is ultimately dependent upon the level of complexity found within your custom displays. There are jewelry display companies such as Ovadia Corporation that offer custom displays for an investment of under 500 dollars so the investment might not be as large as you think, more importantly all the money they spend above the cost of the alternative is additional money that they are investing towards the marketing of their jewelry. This is not to say that higher priced display necessarily will sell more jewelry than a lower cost display, but ultimately you do pay for the quality you receive, and a higher quality display with the proper color scheme will no doubt sell more jewelry than a lower quality display with a poorly chosen or all white color scheme. Consider that a fine restaurant would not serve their food on a garbage can lid as the product that they serve would appeal less appetizing based on the tray which it is served upon; the difference between serving food on a garbage can lid and presenting your jewelry on a far less than perfect display is that your customers purchased the jewelry while seeing it on the display, whereas the food is purchased prior to seeing the dish which it is served upon. Ultimately, if we fail to recognize that the display which our products are placed on can always be made potentially better, then we fail to put our product in the best position possible to be sold. If in fact the perfect display for your particular merchandise is a standard product offered by an existing company, then that would be the perfect option to display your jewelry on. But the fact is that the perfect display does not exist yet nor will it ever, and it would be a foolish mistake to say 'this is good enough' if it is clearly not. We believe that you should not stop trying to obtain the best display possible to maximize the sales of your jewelry. As the additional pieces sold from a marginally better presentation will easily pay for a custom display many times over.
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