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Skateboard Display Rack

by:OUYEE     2019-12-19
You can buy a skateboard display stand in the big box store and the skating store.
Many of them are made of plastic and will not last for a long time.
The skateboard made can only support two or three skateboards.
This is not good for geek bars.
We need a heavy duty skateboard display stand designed to accommodate at least ten skateboards!
I will show you how to make one!
Before you follow this instructions, it would be very helpful to watch the video I made on this shelf.
After watching the video, continue the second step!
You will want to choose a very durable material for your skateboard display stand.
You can use medium-fiber board, plywood or size wood (
For example, 2x10).
There are several reasons why I chose plywood.
It was very durable for one, and my son was a bit tempted to take a look at it, so he wanted to show the end of the plywood.
I always recommend using a clamping straight edge with a saw.
This will ensure that your wound is straight and almost completely eliminates burn marks.
You can buy one of the clamping straight edges in any home improvement center for less than $15.
You need to cut two side plates.
In my case, I want 10 skateboards and 6. 5\" apart.
This means 82 \"high, wide side panels from 9.
Since the two side panels are exactly the same, I want to save a little time and make them exactly the same.
I used some double sided tape to stick the two side plates together.
This will allow me to mark only the top panel and then drill and cut the two together.
I hope my son\'s skateboard is 6 years old. 5\" apart.
This will make room for any type of board he wants to store on the skateboard display stand, and it will also make sure that it doesn\'t hit each other when it comes in and out of the rack.
The slot of the motherboard is 1.
25 \"wide, 4\" deep.
I decided I wanted the display stand to have a curve behind the slot.
To do this, I used a 1/8 Forstner drill bit in the center of the rig rack at the back of each slot.
Draw a line in the middle of the side of the rack, drilling every 7 3/4 m.
This will be the end of the slot.
Before drilling, be sure to drop a scrap plate on the side that you don\'t care about.
This will prevent the back of the plywood from being blown out and cracked.
Of course, you should also prevent holes in your workbench.
After you drill all the holes, it\'s a very simple process from here.
Use jigsaw cutting to connect to the 20 degree slot of the hole you drill.
This will leave you a rounded slot.
I like to use compressed air when running the fixture
Let me remove the dust from my line.
When you go, put the nozzle in front of the saw.
You can definitely stop here if you don\'t have a router.
You can also do this step if you have a manual file, but it will take longer.
I want to make it a little easier to get the skateboard in and out.
For this, I use my router to Put 1/4 \"round-
On all faces and slots.
It looks really sweet.
The last step is really easy.
Cut out 4 6 \"x 10\" stretchers
These will be the back and bottom brackets for the skateboard display stand.
I cut mine on the table saw, but you can use a hand saw or a jigsaw puzzle.
I also decided to take the same 1/4 \"wheel-
On the face of the stretcher, purely for decoration. I used 1. 5\" wood-
Screw to assemble everything.
Usually I like to use glue and brad nails for items like this.
In this case, I would like to take the rack apart in the future in case my son wants to make it wider or smaller for some reason.
In this case, all you need to do is use a different stretcher.
We didn\'t finish because we had a family dinner that night.
But I suspect that at some point in the future we will paint or dye it.
This shelf can stand on its own.
However, for safety reasons, I attached it to the bolt on the wall of the garage with 3 \"wood\"screws. . . just in case.
All that\'s left to do is have my son put all his skateboards on the shelf.
Within a few minutes, every location of him was filled with skateboards! Amazing!
You will also like some of my other projects if you like this structure, which is a good change.
Also, be sure to check out my website at TheGeekPub.
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