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Slatwall Panels - A Flexible Way to Display Your Goods

by:OUYEE     2020-05-21
The ever increasing range of shop display products means that there has never been a better time to set up or re-vamp your retail premises. All kinds of shop fittings are available such as Slatwall panels, greetings card stands, display racks, hooks, dump bins, baskets, hanging rails and garment stands, all ready to ship direct to your facility or to the end user. Many manufacturers and suppliers of shop display items ship throughout the country and across Europe and as thousands of products are held in stock, orders are often dispatched either the same or the following day, enabling prompt and easy installation. There is no need to be limited to off-the-shelf displays. Many shop display manufacturers will modify sizes on standard ranges and can offer a range of different colours on shop fittings and stands. If you are organising the layout of your retail premises, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start when it comes down to shop display. Should you go for free-standing shelving or fitted units? Which are most practical - portable garment hangers or fixed rails? Should you choose dump bins or hooks? For optimum flexibility, Slatwall panels are an excellent choice, as you can move these around as necessary according to your choice of layout. The other advantage with this type of shop fitting is that all sorts of accessories can be fixed to them and altered when needed. A choice of panel sizes is available, typically 1200mm x 1200mm or 2400mm x 1200mm, as well as a range of colours and wood grains. Panels can be manufactured in MDF, melamine or aluminium and finished in a huge variety of colours, ranging from white, black, yellow, blue and many others or, if preferred, in a wood grain finish. Slats are typically positioned at 100mm centres. Gondola units manufactured from Slatwall panels are becoming increasing popular for shop display, as these are very useful and space saving items which display merchandise to its best advantage. Four-sided gondola units are available with 600mm wide panels which accept Slatwall hooks and accessories. They can be supplied flat-packed or shipped ready assembled, although you should ensure you have the necessary facilities to aid in off-loading, as they can be quite heavy. Slatwall stands can be made to order. The stands are designed to stand against a wall and are typically built with tubular sides and have slats set out on a 100mm pitch and are suitable for any of the accessories such as baskets, dispensers and hooks. Typical measurements for this kind of shop display unit is 600mm wide, 2000mm high and 540mm deep, but again stands can be made to order to fit your own particular requirements. Slatwall accessories include hanging arms, hooks, baskets, leaflet dispensers, shoe and optical displays, pick and mix dispensers and many more, which can all be temporarily fixed and moved as required. Heavy duty chrome plated hooks are a particularly useful item, being a cost-effective and space saving way to display a quantity of smaller items.
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