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space saving in garment merchandise displays

by:OUYEE     2019-12-20
If you are a retailer of almost any kind of merchandise, you know that floor space is expensive and, therefore, maximizing its use is critical to the profitability of your store.
The purpose of most of your retail area is to display the item, but you have to plan the display carefully because there is usually not enough space to highlight every item you sell.
This is especially true in the retail apparel industry.
Your goal is to arrange your store fixtures in order to provide customers with the best shopping experience while showing as much of your inventory as possible.
For example, if you sell men\'s shirts, there may not be room on the hanger to show each shirt, and you don\'t want to show it either.
In this way, you will show a few representative items and the rest in the packaging on the shelf.
However, if you\'re selling off the shelfto-
Wearing shirts and putting them all on hangers may be advantageous for the customer to sort them out --
Therefore, the rack is used as both storage and display.
As floor space is critical, you need the best when you decide to have as much clothing stock as possible on the hanger
Design and maximum space
Provide efficient racks.
The less space a given rack takes up, the more items you can show, and the more obvious choices for your customers.
In addition, the best merchandise display racks have been designed so that customers can easily view and organize all the items available.
The cluttered hanger is just a storage area, not a display area.
Keep in mind that many retail purchase decisions are made on a whim.
The customer is able to see the difference between the item for sale and the item he cannot see may be the difference between the sale and the non-sale.
To fit the brand of your store, you should also consider personalizing your hangers.
You can customize the hanger by color, or you can code the item using several different colors (
Medium, large, super largelarge).
You can also print your company\'s name and/or logo on the hanger.
While these options may cost a little more, they make your customers feel you care about promoting your store brand and company identity.
You may know there are several different types of hangers from doubleclip (
Hanging pants)
Standard Wood (
Good for big items such as coats)
Light plastic (
Good for women\'s wear).
You should make sure that your store has enough of a variety of supplies, especially if you live in areas with a large seasonal climate change.
At the very least, it would be inconvenient to say if you bought a large number of winter clothes and suddenly realized that you didn\'t have enough suitable types of hangers to show them.
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