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spontaneous buyers can simply ask for professional advice directly at the optical display cabinets.


Fashion lovers and individualists appreciate the excellent selection of glasses in Hunke’s optician department, which also includes a variety of young and trendy products in the sunglasses division. Our choice of materials and colours for the optician echoes the appeal of the jewellery and watch department, but also introduces a distinctive and urban identity.


Large windows grant a maximum view into the prestigious shop interior, which in turn becomes part of the shop window itself. Colourful luminous perspex shelves attract the customers eyes and generate curiosity. The entrance from Aspergerstraße, a lively street, leads straight to the central service area and the nearby coffee bar. Positioning the service section in the heart of the room emphasises Hunke’s customer-friendly philosophy of individual consulting and personal contact. Also, in a relaxed atmosphere like this it is easy to intensify customer relations in a casual manner.


Colourful shelves zone the areas for sunglasses, corrective spectacles and the lounge, whereas bright red shelving marks the transition to the jewellery department and the staircase to the upper level. Well-illuminated cabinets in front of dark curtains inspire connotations of make-up tables and set a perfect stage to present the glasses. Unobtrusive black cabinets offer plenty of storage space for the wide product range, while the combination of angular shapes, integrated mirrors and soft fabrics creates an ambience of familiarity.


Depending on the desired level of privacy, the shop offers a variety of consulting areas: integrated zones along the façade, separated alcoves or tables at the rear end or the coffee bar are available to customers. In addition, spontaneous buyers can simply ask for professional advice directly at the cabinets.The flow of the space was meticulously reviewed and revised multiple times over the course of almost one year to take into account future pretesting needs, future exam room needs, storage, office personnel functions and display. This expansion was truly holistic in the approach to practice design.The display fixtures incorporate the newest technology in LED lighting married with feature eyewear merchandising. The result, a practice that is well positioned for explosive growth this year and well into the future.


The entire shop floor is covered with polished fair-faced screed. Loose carpets signal consulting areas and make customers feel at home. Dark wood, lapis lazuli and rose quartz tones contrast with colourful bright perspex and luminous white cabinets, defining the character of the room.With the project located on the campus of one of the largest corporations in the world, security / access, image, "committee approvals" and acceptances created "unforeseen" challenges beyond the basic design process. In the end, this tiny space will likely become one of the highest grossing practices per square foot anywhere.


In coordination with the builders, we created welcoming interior spaces with high quality materials, forming a perfect and luxurious framework for each watch, pair of glasses and piece of jewellery in Hunkes collection. In a one-of-a-kind fusion, our concept combines past and future elements and building parts into a sustainable retail concept for Hunkes family business in Ludwigsburg.

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