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Stainless steel jewelry cases and how to design accord with the requirement of business

by:OUYEE     2020-03-30
Stainless steel shelves are used to display a variety of exhibits, some exhibits effect on the quality of the stainless steel shelves, detail, requires very high; Especially in the factors to consider in the design of the whole store is quite much, this requires designer must be in front of the stainless steel shelves design good overall planning, adequate preparation. Here are a few big design key points: (1) size: exact dimensions of store layout is the first stainless steel shelves design elements; Therefore, the size of the measurement precision is the first step in planning the size of stainless steel shelves. In addition to store layout, size, designers need to deal with the size of the stainless steel shelves each structure, reasonable structure design to achieve the best effect. Second, the environment, market environment, the environment is also the designer of the stores must be considered, especially the market environment, the consideration is very much; How to attract the attention of the customer, in numerous brand stainless steel shelves design is particularly important. < br /> 3, lighting, shopping malls, stores lights use is an art, is the store environment beautiful and attractive; While stainless steel shelves lighting effects can show clear goods, also can keep the customer's eyes. LED lights both energy conservation and environmental protection, and beautiful and durable, with widely used in stainless steel shelves, LOGO light design is also very popular. < br /> 4, color: stainless steel shelves colorific collocation can well reflect the counter top grade, ingenious combination of colours can be a very good beautiful, fashion, elegant temperament; Color psychology research can more seize the customer the most subtle mood changes, increase the turnover. < br /> stainless steel jewelry cases to designer to design the stainless steel shelves, mainly based on the above points to deal with the details, can be designed to meet the requirements of business cases to stainless steel. < br /> < br /> < p> < / p>
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