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New Ideas For The Innovation And Transformation Of Physical Retail Outlets


Under the impact of the Internet, many retail entities have even experienced negative growth. Under such a trend, how to break through the inherent business thinking of offline physical stores is a test for operators and retail space designers.


First of all, the dark gray vertical strip facade is visible. The designer uses the aluminium square tube material to increase the height and breadth of vision, which makes the store pole more stable in life.In the overall vision, the logs are the main color, the overall design sense is very strong, the combination of cement and wood grain, the yellow light creates a warm and literary scene, the designer gives the whole space the aesthetic and emotional soul, hoping to bring customers into a rich, tactile, quiet and tasty touching world.


Bookshelf design usually uses vertical and horizontal lines to allocate space elevation, but designers use flowing curves as a space language of Suning's polar objects, creating a parallel small space in a 4-meter-high bookshelf atmosphere, where customers can have a gentle dialogue with life through reading, and express a sense of time and space for thinking.


Unlike the traditional staircase, which serves only as a single purpose for connecting floors, designers hope that the staircase is a quiet moment that can lead to people's inner heart. Customers can read, rest and daze on the staircase. Therefore, the designer uses the wood with texture to create a casual and free staircase recreation area, so that Suning Pole has a more possible function to play. Energy region.


Stairs run through 3C area, polar object area and Book area. Designers use stairs as the language of space, which visually extends the depth of the book area and makes the space more imaginative.


The design of this store not only grasps the core competitiveness of space management, but also provides new ideas and opportunities for the innovation and transformation of physical retail outlets, such as department stores, household products, 3C products and so on, in a unique and holistic way to form the scenery inside the store. Not only are customers in need of shopping, people like to "kill time" here, along the electronic screen on the shelf to look around, interact with the story behind the selected goods, experience the good life concept of brand transmission, unconsciously attracted by these excellent things, and ultimately complete the purchase.

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