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Store Layout Science Will Help You Sell More


The primary objective of store design is to create value and positively impact customer experience. The layout of a store can make a significant difference to the success of a retailer, and ultimately whether a retailer survives or not.  before we start everything, let us take a look at the store layout science behind good shop floor design and identify key areas you should consider when planning or redesigning your own store.

The Decompression Zone

the decompression zone is a transition area needed by shoppers to adjust to your store environment. Shoppers don’t notice this area or what is in it, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect this space.

The Invariant Right

we have a tendency to turn right when we enter a store. Ninety percent of customers will do this, so it’s important to merchandise this area with care. (If your store in located in a country that drives on the left side of the road, then your tendency will be to turn left once inside the store, so just reverse your thinking!)

And On Your Right: A Power Wall

Walk inside your front door, stop just past your Decompression Zone, and look to your right. The wall you see is called a Power Wall and it’s another one of those key merchandising areas. And because it’s the wall shoppers see first after turning right, it’s a perception builder.

(Note: Your store has more than one Power Wall. Stand in various places throughout your store and look around, the walls that stand out are your Power Walls.)

Where to Checkout

A common mistake in store layout is placing the checkout counter at the right front of the store. You may argue that it’s nice to have someone right up front to say hello to shoppers as they enter the store, but that problem can be solved by a Greeter on busy days. Your checkout should be located at a natural stopping point in the shopping experience: the left side of the store, close to the front is a good choice. 

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