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Suitable jewelry shelves size can highlight product uniqueness

by:OUYEE     2020-03-28
Is used to display jewelry jewelry cases, and the protective effect of ornaments, its colour and modelling style diversity, more for each big department stores, specialty stores, exhibition hall, exhibition, etc. Due to the use of the site is different, the material, size, and color will be different, today to talk about choose the right jewelry shelves size can highlight the uniqueness of the product. < br /> < br /> wooden jewelry cases is one of the most common in the modern market, according to customer requirements to custom. First of all the cases against the wall, usually size is in commonly 1800 ~ 2400 mm high, depth of 350 ~ 400 mm, generally, if you need to show the goods volume is larger, the depth can be in more than 400 mm. This kind of clothes closet show back plate is not commonly, should choose color to the color of the cabinet put oneself in another's position appearance, such as white, black, glass mirror, etc. Generally in the top mounted light box piece, incase of light generally choose LED lights, warm color light, etc. , in order to use lighting effects highlight the characteristics of exhibits. < br /> < br /> jewelry cases to have a storefront to counter type, more for each big department stores, specialty shops and other places, this kind of display case size height is controlled in 950 ~ 1000 mm, between 1000 and 1500 mm in width, depth between 500 ~ 600 mm, more than before pull and after pull, specific according to demand. Customer stand can watch the front counter height is generally around 1300 ~ 1800 mm; Customers sitting or leaning over the counter height between 800 ~ 1000 mm, more reveal ark can design for the square shape, round or polygon. Comprehensive above about the size of the jewelry cases for your reference, the size of the display case can according to adjust the size of the stores and the volume of the product, is not set in stone. A good jewelry cases depends not only on the design style of itself, also depends on the size of the display case size, so as to fully display and highlight the characteristics of objects. < br /> < br /> < p> < / p>
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