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Talk about the stainless steel plating jewelry display ark out price

by:OUYEE     2020-03-22
A jewelry display casecan worth? Some manufacturers offer more than 5000 meter, some manufacturers offer more than 2000 meter, price difference is too much. Now, let me talk about stainless steel plating for you out of the jewelry display ark price. There are two ways in the stainless steel plating, one is vacuum plating is plated die, the other one is water plating. And most of the jewelry display ark is vacuum plating, only do Cartier style green bronze with water plating, but water plating the current treatment methods have looked pretty little, not much home can this technology, the electroplating factory also has a regulation and policy. Jewelry display ark difference lies mainly in the material. Some manufacturers offer jewelry display ark clearly say 304 stainless steel material, but the production process adopts 202201 stainless steel, such as price severely compressed, so the discrepancy in these places. If plating jewelry display ark, use 202 stainless steel material, regardless of plating with light oil fingerprint technology, rust is possible. So the general choice of more than 304 stainless steel, so you have security, and good quality. So suggest to need good quality jewelry display ark, adopt good material production reveals ark, reveal ark very not good-looking, also influence the performance improvement. < p> < / p>
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