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The 4 Principles of Optical Store Retail Store Design


Although every retail store is different, they all have one goal and one goal only: to get customers over the threshold and influence them to part with their cash. Retailers have tried everything from playing music, to filling their stores with alluring scents – and while it is nothing new, there is a real art to getting it right. We’re going to look at four retail design techniques that will transform any retail environment.

1. Eye-catching visual merchandising

The power of retail window design should never be underestimated. A striking piece of visual merchandising will capture shoppers’ attention. Window displays are usually the first point of visual contact a customer has with a store and can often be the difference between a customer entering to see more, or just walking on by.

2. Slow down the customer journey in the store

Modern consumers are extremely busy and have a tendency to shop in a hurry. It is the job of retail interior design to slow down this journey and increase dwell time in the store, encouraging customers to slow down, browse and potentially discover something new. Your store layout determines how and where you’ll display products and the path customers take through your store. Within retail store design there’s grid layouts, herringbone layouts, loop layouts or free flow. The loop layout is particularly effective for creating a path for customers to follow through your store.

3. Steer customers to the right of the store

Research into retail interior design has shown that customers naturally veer towards the right when they enter a retail space. Given that the majority of the world’s population is right handed, this makes complete sense. We can assume that the majority of the population are stronger on their right, will generally reach with their hand and most importantly, tend to be drawn to the right hand side of any space.

4. Aerate the store design and layout

While innovative and creative interior design can pack a punch, it is vital that retailers give their consumers some breathing space. Busy, over-crowded retail environments can give the impression that products are of a lesser quality. Instead, it is vital that there are gaps in the store design to allow customers space to think and move around more freely.

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