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The Creative Benefits of a Jewelry Display Tree

by:OUYEE     2020-05-15
Whether you're selling your handmade jewelry or just want a unique way to store your store-bought jewelry, a jewelry display tree is the perfect solution. It's a fun way to show off your pieces and be able to see each piece individually as well. If you pile all your jewelry up, then it can be hard to see what every piece looks like and what colors are in it. One of the fun things about having an organizer like this is that it comes in a wide variety of crafty materials. It's also able to be purchased in a rainbow of colors, as well as the choice of tabletop or wall-mount mounting choices. By choosing something that contrasts your design theme, you can really make your jewelry stand out on the tree. How elegant do you want to be? If you can really afford to be a big spender, check out the display tree from the top of the line stores that sells for $2,500. Clearly, this is something you would want to show off and is just as beautiful, if not more, as any piece of jewelry you would display on it. If you're like most of middle-class America, you will probably look for something less expensive than the haute couture specialties. For about $75, you can find a very elegant, gold or silver tone metal jewelry display. And the use of these is not limited exclusively to jewelry - what about organizing your scarves and handkerchiefs by hanging them? This would keep them from getting tangled up in your drawer and wrinkled. If you're not big on necklaces, but you have a lot of earrings, consider storing all your pairs of earrings on the tree instead. When you keep them in a jewelry box drawer, they tend to get bent or broken, or even lost at times by falling behind the drawers. If your earrings have gemstones, this will prevent them from getting scratched also. Some people don't have a lot of room but they would still like to use something like this to store your jewelry. Use the wall mount instead of a tabletop or counter top, and you can put it wherever it works out best for you. You may consider getting two if this is the case because by choosing a wall-mount, you are going to lose the use of one side of the tree. If you've looked everywhere and just can't seem to find one that you like, why not consider making your own? Crafty people are happy to share their ideas if you can't decide on something, and very often will give you great design tips on how to work with certain wires or metals. By creating your own, you can also make it to fit whatever size specifications you need it to. No matter how you decide to use it, or how you choose to mount it, a jewelry display tree is a great way to keep your jewelry safe and organized. When it's not rolling around in your jewelry box or getting lost on your bathroom counter, then it will be more likely to last longer and stay in one piece. It also keeps those delicate edges from getting bent or broken off from rough handling.
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