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The difference in similar glasses cases and price?

by:OUYEE     2020-03-23
Many customers would ask how much is the price of this kind of glasses shelves? Will not too expensive? The quality is good? Today's standard storefront art workshop shenzhen factory marketing specialist will answer these questions for you! In terms of glasses cases to the market now, whether the price of glasses cases, or the quality of the glasses cases, can be said to be high and low. Some materials, and seems almost glasses shelves on the appearance, and the difference in price. Why is this? Don't know the customer will raise such a question. < br /> work glasses cases and in fact, with the difference of the production process, the main reasons why the difference of material, etc. Us art lane under strict do good quality glasses cases, from the choice of plank, to the requirements of the production process, every working procedure is quite serious.
1. The selection of materials: the material of good quality is to guarantee the quality of the primary factor. This is not required to compare the quality of material, also for the applicability of the plate into consideration. First of all to the relevant part of the material to make the right choice, than, for example, bookcase, glasses cases and bearing parts such as plank can choose fine core board. Second related plate quality control, because the quality of the fine core board is multifarious, far. < br /> fine work of glasses cases and 2. Choice of finishing process, different materials, require different finishing process. Such as the texture beautiful solid wood and veneer, then paint with water. And poor texture solid board or no ordinary plywood, veneer mix water paint can be used. In the same way, if you use the varnish, you should choose good solid wood surface appearance or veneer. And you use mix water paint, so you just need to choose general plank. If you use the practice of high quality decorative panels with mix oil, it can be costly. < br /> fine work 3 glasses counter. Screw hole processing: screw hole processing professional, part of the paint process. Said: & quot; Clothes make the man, horse depends on saddle & quot; The words get prominent feature in the paint process. Now most of the decoration use second board processing, were used during the construction of nailing process, how to handle these nail eyes became a problem. This color has a certain requirements for putty, try to make the color of be bored with child after color and wood surface color difference is not obvious, so you can cover these eyes. This method can also be applied to section on tree, tree scar treatment.

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