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The diversity of jewelry cases to decorate how important!

by:OUYEE     2020-03-25
Jewelry store displays.com/products' target='_blank'>shelves are often in a particular area or modelling to layout and display, according to the size of the space and regional function, jewelry cases and exhibits, such as jewelry often can bring out the best in each other's effect; The counter of the store and adornment also is easier to build a different atmosphere, and the way to a potential customer's heart. < br /> however, window of the jewelry cases also have their own specific display and layout principles, you know? Window for group a broader, more diverse, and often with seasonal, holiday, celebration, elements together, such as new product recommended to have the effect of seasonal, holiday should be publicity. < br /> really want to make full use of its publicity and display window, the first thing to understand its jewelry shelves display and layout of diversity, diversity is mainly manifested in the following: a particular type of window and jewelry cases and layout in different art forms and processing methods, in a shop window focus on a comprehensive type of jewelry products such as window and jewelry cases to decorate it is to integrate many unrelated jewelry display in a shop window, to form a complete window advertising. This window dressing due to the differences between goods, when the design must be cautious. There can be divided into horizontal layout, vertical window window layout, unit window layout, specific according to the size of the window and to show the jewelry attributes to determine. Radiator _0002_ layer 2. JPG ZhuanTiShi window and jewelry display cases and it is an advertisement project as the center, surrounding a particular jewelry items, such as organization of the different types of commodities on display, mass transfer a theme to appeal to the media. Display - are divided into: festival - - - - - - To celebrate a holiday theme of holiday window project; Display event - - - - - - - With an activity in society as the theme, the association commodity combination of Windows; Scene display - - - - - - - According to the commodity utility, of a variety of goods in the shop window with correlation set to particular scenario, to induce customers buying behavior. System type and jewelry storefront window is decorated mainly for large and medium-sized shopping malls, because of the large and medium-sized store window area is larger, can according to the commodity category, performance, factors, such as material, use combination, respectively, on display in a shop window. Seasonal window display depending on the season seasonal goods on display, such as the early spring sweater, windbreaker, late spring summer, sandals, straw hat. This technique can meet the customer psychological characteristics of the seasonal buying, in order to expand sales. Seasonal display must be one month before the season laid out in advance, introduce to the customer, can have the effect of seasonal promotion. Jewelry store window is not only the appearance of part of the overall decoration, and is the first exhibition hall of jewelry and so on, it is our mainly engage in the sale of goods, use opportunely scenery and props, decorated with background images for the foil, with suitable lighting, colour and text, is a comprehensive advertising commodities introduction and propaganda art form. The design of the window, the first thing to highlight the characteristics of goods, at the same time can make window dressing and introduce goods comply with the general psychology of consumer behavior, namely after let consumers see beauty, comfort, good feeling and look forward to the mood. Good window dressing can rise to introduce goods, guide consumption, promote sales, but also become the art of shop front to attract people passing by.
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