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The Impact of Coffee Shop Design on Profitability

by:OUYEE     2020-04-10
When opening, or redecorating, a coffee shop, it is essential that the design is efficient and cost effective. A well-designed layout can make the difference between a popular coffee shop, and a last choice coffee stop. Indeed, the way in which the design is conceived will make or break the business - better get it right the first time then. Read on for advice as to how to design a coffee shop to create maximum efficiency to ensure a steady flow of customers. People tend to visit coffee shops when they are in a rush, or when they want to relax after a few hours shopping. People look for a comfortable environment in which to relax, where they can sit, be served within very little time, and be fed and refreshed promptly - and these are dependent on the design. A well-designed coffee shop will create the ideal atmosphere for their clientele. In fact, the layout of the shop directly affects profitability. A thoroughly planned shop design will maximise sales because staff efficiency increases. For instance, the exact arrangement of tables, chairs, counters, etc, will make it easy or hard for staff to get around, the more easily the staff can get about, the greater the efficiency of the shop floor. The same is true of the kitchen too, a well-designed kitchen, which allows chefs and auxiliary staff to move around freely will increase productivity, as will arranging the kitchen into specific tasks. For example, by having a sandwich preparation area, with the refrigerator, storage, and oven (if needed), on one counter, and the drinks preparation on another counter you keep the two tasks separate, and staff do not need to walk around the kitchen searching for this, that, and the other, it is all in one place. Creating a well-designed coffee shop is a difficult task, and is tantamount to completing a Mensa quiz! There are many considerations to take account of, and many people only get design right after years of practice. This is why, if you plan on opening a coffee shop, it is important to seek the help of a professional designer, otherwise, you risk making expensive mistakes. The phrase '...standing on the shoulders of giants' holds true here, why try to learn everything independently, when you can learn from people who are already knowledgeable? Professional coffee shop design companies will liaise with you and help you to come up with the best possible design, they understand the tried and tested methods of coffee shop design, and know what works and what doesn't, and why. If you were to try to design the shop yourself, no doubt you would run into some problems with which they are already familiar. The cost of using the services of a professional coffee shop outfitter is far less than the cost incurred from a poorly designed shop. Just remember that a good design will encourage customers into your shop, a poor design will make them reluctant. A professional service may cost money in the short-term, but in the end is worth it.
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