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The Interior Pharmacy Is With Tempered Glass and Wood Veneer Color


The challenge was to propose a unique spatial experience simultaneously maintaining the association with their regular stores by using the existing furniture modules as well as using wood.There is no one-click answer to be the centre point of your community’s healthcare needs, each community is diverse and understanding the variability and how diverse is your community can give you more insights to approach your community but if there is one thing which is common for all is, remind you! Pharmacy is a service, not a business if your focus is on serving your community and everyone’s needs then customers will come to you even if your pharmacy is not on the high street.


The solution we found is simple. We chose wooden pallets that are flat transport structure normally used in logistics as the base of the space components and derived all types of furniture from them. In this way, on one hand, the furniture gives the casualness and familiarity of mass-produced product to the store space and creates friendly and accessible atmosphere for men and women of all ages. On the other hand, the pallet-derived set of furniture in the warehouse-like space evoke a narrative of the eyewear products being transported with the pallets and displayed for sale on them.


This fictional narrative between the products and the furniture makes the existence and the meaning of the furniture strong, and it plays an important role to make the customers’ purchasing experience special and unique. The pallets of island type furniture are stacked on top of each other slightly displaced deliberately so that they look like they are roughly stacked in a warehouse. At the same time, the pallets are finished with highly glossy urethane coating, and the bottom pallet is without deck boards not to look too heavy as well as to keep floor clearance for easy cleaning.


These good consideration for customers and sales staffs shows that the it is a thought through piece of furniture with quality. In the same manner, wall type furniture, sofa benches, and mirrors are created by adjusting their shapes to satisfy each function, while inheriting the gene and context of pallet. Also, the walls and floors are painted with random patterned graphics that look like pieces of wallpaper stripped of at a construction site, and the company name and the sequential numbers are stenciled on every piece of furniture with original typography to give the impression of mass-produced product.


The accumulation of these above-mentioned fine details gives the furniture clean and elegant appearance that blends with the casualness of pallet and plywood, while complementing the world of the narrative using pallets as display in a warehouse. We believe the innovative part of our interior design is that the context of pallet, a mass-produced standardized product which already used widely in a different circumstances, meets a retail use of eyewear products and, as a result, the products tell a narrative and appeal to the customers’emotion.


We put a triangular space into rectangular frame and placed two big mirrors in the corners toward outside, which creates a sense of invitation as well as expanding the limited space inside. These mirrors also help customer to check their total look with the eyewear. In the middle, curved glass with gradient orange color emphasizes seasonal display and forms smooth circulation around. Additionally, wall displays and gates are framed by blue stainless steel, which creates a contrast with orange colored glass.The strategies you as a pharmacy owner or as a manager adopts will define where your pharmacy stand in the community. Personalised customer experience should be the main focal point of your pharmacy strategy, there is not just one answer for everything, your community is different.The flow of the space was meticulously reviewed and revised multiple times over the course of almost one year to take into account future pretesting needs, future exam room needs, storage, office personnel functions and display. This expansion was truly holistic in the approach to practice design.The display fixtures incorporate the newest technology in LED lighting married with feature eyewear merchandising. The result, a practice that is well positioned for explosive growth this year and well into the future.

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