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The Space Holding Beauty, And The Space Making You To Be The Center


Unlike the conventional image,this store design provide new and exotic experiences from the powerful identity through the bold and confident transition.

It is a space to pursues new changes and fun experiences. Through this concept store, product will get closer to you and provide special experiences,just like a gallery, visitors may experience the brand and freely visit distinctive and exotic spaces and services. 

As soon as you step in by watching the promotion of the fixture through the show window, you will meet a new display unlike other cosmetic stores and curators in each zone for your own professional consultation. At the private make-up space, you may try make-up by yourself or may find colors and textures for your own skin to own the moment.

Besides, the sense of domain divided by partitions like a gallery and stories of various tones and manners of each zone and joys of finding them will let you have special services. On the staircase toward the second floor, you may select the colors and walk along the path to complete your own space.

On the second floor, containing collaboration with various artists every week and every month to show new contents, there are fresh juicy zone to hold the style,the one-of-kind imprinter service, artist collaboration zone, lecture halls by famous beauty artists, and other various spaces.

The company explained that this space holds the meaning “the space holding beauty, and the space making you to be the center.”Moreover, the company used the term gallery to reveal that each space designed under each concept of product by display products like artworks.

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