Ouyee, store display furniture manufacturer since 1998, original shop interior design & shop fixtures manufacturing factory

The space is built upon an architectural grid motif, made up of special bricks that have been reclaimed for use.


Designed by Guangzhou Ouyee display company , a manufacturer to make store design and display furniture.This brand has been rolling out boutiques around the world with a fervor; but thankfully, each outpost continues to adhere to the carefully considered and well-designed ethos that the brand holds dear.


To carry the load of the bricks–approximately 10,000 of them – the existing floor was entirely restructured; new concrete and steel constructions fill the crawl space below. Imagine a structural diagram that reads like a Russian doll.

These porous bricks, which have been arranged in herringbone and pinwheel brick bond patterns in the walls and flooring of the store, are a mainstay of local alley facades and regarded as an economical material.As its name implies, the  brick is both local and ever-present. Owing to its low cost, high strength, irregular colouration and unequal dimensions , it was the brick of choice for alley façades, never street fronts. Historically, architects have been trying to elevate its common rank by exposing it in unlikely places. 

We wish to add to this material history by packing the brick's bespoke qualities into two non-load bearing brick bonds: herringbone and pinwheel. Black steel shelves and alcoves laid into these brick walls serve as simple, eye-catching product displays, while low-profile armoires made from black-stained white oak serve as stylish cash desks and demonstration areas. 

For more information, please contact us by steve@ouyeedisplay.com, or call the 24-hour hotline: +86 13826419811