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The third party jewelry under the platform of controlled and limited

by:OUYEE     2020-03-23
Jewelry cases to first locate and order products, style design and production according to customer's requirements. That is to say there is no uniform standard nature, also can only say that imitate the brand shop of custom-made jewelry shelves to reference. Current electricity business developing quickly, large and small, tall on the jewelry cases are on the case of many electric business platform for online trading. Is inevitable, but the development platform of controllability is still limited. Firstly, jewelry cases is to order products. In taobao, ali trustpass, jingdong and other jewelry cases, sales are relatively finished class, with a clear inventory properties, some of them are used tank, some of them are with defects. In general, which satisfy the customers, pursuing the cheap price also meets the need of the counter the customer. Because the custom counter, waiting for too long time. Custom counter, time is relatively more than 10 days, and the price will be higher. If go taobao, in the production of customer to cancel or return, who will bear the cost in the process of making, this is our jewelry cases to reflect and taobao. After all, for us, jewelry cases and is not a commodity. Second, the traditional mode of transaction in the electronic payment of the conflict. Our traditional trade basic for cash, net silver, silver hand, to walk process based on the signed in written form. Now or in the third party platform ( Electricity, wechat business) Regulation under the deal, paid by the buyer to a third party platform, the seller must start to be engaged in the construction of the project, until the product or service to the customer, the customer payment, the funds would eventually to the seller. This series of way, for the production of jewelry enterprise, exhibiting ark mainly flow of cash flow problems. If single third-party platform, large and small that money could go to ten days to account for more than half a month, and touched the return and repair, and so on and so forth are bad evaluation. The upstream suppliers also need cash flow. In a word, I think the future third-party platform or to improve their own way, step by step to seller especially products sales model. There is no difficult to do business. < p> < / p>
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