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The use of metal material in the cases and industry is more widely

by:OUYEE     2020-03-29
Metal material in the cases and high utilization rate in the industry, especially in the production of high-end jewelry shelves are used. So what are the metal material often use? The first stainless steel materials, stainless steel can be said to be under industry mainstream high-end market development, at present there are 201 more common, such as 202, 304, 316 models. Stainless steel has characteristic of not easy rust, loved by people. But stainless steel wire drawing, mirror, wire drawing is dumb light type, on the surface of the mirror is bright. In general drawing is preferred, cooperate with plating color, effect to make people feel the temperament of the tall. Although stainless steel prices high, to counter tall, quality is guaranteed. < br /> the aluminum alloy material, we are in the exhibition, hotel, gifts, bank, club, etc. You can see a lot of high-quality goods ark of aluminium alloy, aluminium alloy a lot of material can be ready to buy, ark of a high-quality goods together is much easier, it can not entirely custom, cost down. The third iron material, let a person feel very heavy, iron material hardness. Generally as a keel, the structure of the solid bar; Or is iron through the lacquer that bake, also can make a very nice bar. Relative to the stainless steel, aluminum alloy, the weight of iron will be bigger, it is not easy to deformation, once the iron to make a counter, want to change its shape is not too easy. < br /> metal material in the cases and industry is more widely used, at the same time, combined with some traditional wooden craft, the combination, can produce amazing results.
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