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The value of glasses cases and not only lies in the decoration

by:OUYEE     2020-03-23
For a beautiful appearance, quick disassembling, glasses cases and solid structure, convenient transportation, it has good decoration effect, and can make it play a better effect. And the value of the glasses cases, not only is the adornment, more important is to improve the level of glasses and brand awareness. So we glasses shelves in the design, want to choose one of their own design method, to highlight its brand image, increase their competitive ability. That we in the design, how can it effect better? Canon storefront art workshop shenzhen factory today for everyone to share! First sheet for choice: < br /> according to the different decoration design scheme, general plank can choose high density board, MDF, MDF, solid wood, big core board, plywood, solid wood, solid wood line, particle board, etc. Secondly logo design: < br /> it marks our image, is a sign of our brand. So, Logo design and production also is the important part of the overall effect. Can match the perfect Logo, can give customers a better seal, to make our brand image in customers better. Understand cases and to make the function of commodity quality counter, can reflect the commodity characteristics and brand image. Last the choice of lamps and lanterns: < br /> < br /> according to the environment and the overall design scheme of match a suitable lighting is the key to the overall effect. Glasses cases and choose the lamps and lanterns of high quality, to ensure safety and display items and overall a better effect. General lamps and lanterns can choose LED soft and hard light, ordinary stent lamp, lamp, pole lamp, halogen lamp, etc. The lights can choose according to environment. < br /> when our glasses cases and design, you need to all aspects into consideration, only when the design, considering the aspects of the comprehensive, can when use it better. With regard to business, the choice of glasses cases and manufacturers, is particularly important, that we can choose the manufacturer before, just need to know more about the skills! < br /> < br /> < p> < / p>
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