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This coffee shop often aim to provide a relaxing environment


The present owners took a step forward not only in product manufacturing but also in the space, always aiming to maintain its close relationship with customers inviting those responsible for their success to feel at home.

Mr.Wang, responsible for the interior design, imprinted comfort to the project, creating an intimate atmosphere with contemporary expression. For the purpose, the designer privileged materials such as iron, wood and marble, mostly with national production origin.

Everything the eye catches is breathtaking. The showcase of cakes and bread makes us want to try everything. The smell coming from the manufacturing downstairs leaves no one indifferent.The lower level housing the cafe is clad in bespoke ceramic tiles that provide a bold contrast to the bronze anodised cladding and black-painted structure of the building's refurbished interior.Myerscough also used the tiles to introduce her signature colours and optical patterns, as well as evoking familiar decorative motifs found in London's Victorian homes.



Coffee houses often aim to provide a relaxing environment, meaning the walls must reflect the mood or tone the coffee shop is trying to evoke. So coffee bar wall decor is also important. One option is to create an artistic feel by featuring local artists' paintings or creative decoration on the walls. Another option is to hang random items on the walls as art pieces, such as tools and supplies used on coffee plantations, old jazz record covers or a display of beautiful photography which could include coffee beans or images of the cultivation and roasting process.



Choose a theme for your coffee house. A coffee plantation theme allows you to create a mural on the wall of a plantation, provide information and history of famous plantations on tables and sell coffee beans from these plantations. If you only serve organic fair trade coffee, integrate that information into the wall mural, it inform your customers with a little creative flair. If it's a musical theme, then consider putting in an old-style jukebox which are normally found in retro diners and bars.


The first floor lets the sunlight in by using the large French windows, through the plants on the window to show mottled patterns on the ground, scattered seats and bars are in the sun, the ceilings are separated orderly by wooden grille, not only the sense of form is strong, but also it can make focusing, with warm lights to create the effect of indoor warm sun. There are cubes in a falling line shape hanging in the air, stacked like building blocks, which retains the light of high space, but also increases the fun of space. Designers specially installs the white grids in the French windows, so that the reptiles can grow up, putting plants with large leaves high and low scattered on the wooden steps, people have a sense like they are in the streets of Europe, sitting outside a cafe on the street corner, drinking coffee, enjoying fresh air and green plants. the large French windows with green vines.

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