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three different ways to set up jewelry displays for trade ...

by:OUYEE     2020-05-24
There is a lot of information on how to set up jewelry displays for trade shows, most of this information is focused on hiring professionals or using the same old tips and tricks that everyone in the jewelry industry is already using.Everyone pays special attention to their display and lighting, everyone has special areas to highlight their new products, and everyone recommends renting a highend display.But there are five unusual ways to set up jewelry displays for trade shows, which will attract customers and transfer products.
Yes, of course, jewelry already has a theme and a specific client designed for it, but try to set up a theme display area for certain pieces.For example, if you are near the end of the school year, try an area dedicated to the dance.Choose jewelry for a teenage girl (or boy) to attend a ball, such as earrings and necklaces, and maybe a headwear (if you have one) or a hairpin, bow or tie.
Combine them with the color theme of the local high school and other decorations that keep the ball in mind.Or try the same thing during graduation time and decorate with mortar plates and tassels in your subject area.When looking at the jewelry, the customer has to bend over to actually see the jewelry displayed on the table, or have to look at the jewelry through a glass box.
Both methods are not good for life because the customer does not look good because he or she has to bend over for such a long time, otherwise there will be a piece of glass blocking the customer\'s sight.While some vendors have tried to raise tables or set up booths to place jewelry, try a more personalized approach.It won\'t be really appreciated unless the jewelry is worn, so try to have one or two models wear the jewelry and let the customer see the real look of the jewelry when it is worn.
Then, instead of having the customer look down at the table, let them use the display desk or the small decorative box on the table to observe the natural eye level and display the jewelry at different heights.The other idea is to use the dresser as the display table, the drawer part is opened with a small box inside with cloth showing the jewelry.Looking at the top of the dresser is much more natural than looking at the low on the table.
Really beautiful jewelry will be sold on its own, but first the customer has to come and have a look.With these three ideas, featuring themes, wearing jewelry, lifting jewelry to the height of the eye, customers will be more inclined to spend more time looking at jewelry, everyone knows that spending more time is equal to more sales.A little effort to make the shopping experience easier for customers will eventually pay off.

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