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Tips For Launching an eBay Store

by:OUYEE     2020-04-09
If you are looking to open a shop on eBay then one of the first things you should do is research the market for your product/s, find out who the top sellers are and at what price they are selling at. You can view the sales figures for any item by using an eBay research tool, these are usually subscription based monthly fee but the time and money properly researching a market will save you is more than the cost of using the research tool. In most market sectors there are is usually always two to three sellers who usually account for around 95 % of the market, We always advise clients to follow the one with the highest sell through ratio as these sellers aren't always the ones with the most items for sale, but are usually the ones who get the most sales. 'Do less but do it best ' Is a great ideal when starting out with any eBay shop. One thing every seller is aiming for on eBay is the much coveted top rated seller status, this is given to sellers who achieve high DSR scores ( detailed seller rating). The DSR scores are a based on the four areas that buyers are asked about when leaving feedback and are as follows. Rate details about this purchase How accurate was the item description? Why weren't you satisfied with the item description? How satisfied were you with the seller's communication? How quickly did the seller dispatch the item How reasonable were the P&P charges? One of the best ways to keep buyers happy is to include a phone number on your item listings and also in your shop header, this helps buyers contact you fast when they wish to inquire about an item. New sellers will want to keep as many sales on eBay as possible to help increase the DSR scores. For fast selling items pre pack the items then when the sales come in it is a lot easier to get them sent out faster. Branding your shop with a go design also helps, their are many companies offering design services for eBay, with prices to suit all budgets. However like when purchasing anything you should weigh up the pro and cons of each service provider, we always advise clients to avoid the companies that only brand the item and front page of a shop. If you are going to purchase a eBay shop design shop around and find a company who system is present on every page of your shop, ask them for any tips and advice as they deal with lots of other shop owners. Look at the top sellers in your sector chance s are they will have a design present on there eBay shop. A well designed eBay shops helps you stand out from the crowd and also helps to ensure repeat business. It is much easier to follow someone else success than it is to stumble and find your own way, top sellers have made the mistakes and know what sells and what doesn't, be smart do your research and don't expect to be an instant millionaire from selling on eBay for very little effort.
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