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Traveling Jewelry Cases and Displays - Which Ones

by:OUYEE     2020-05-16
Carrying your jewelry in a compact manner and having it ready to be displayed without a hassle is the goal when you are traveling. There are various displays and cases to choose from. The secret is to find what works for you and that depends on your objective. If you are traveling to a show to display your jewelry then you most likely want a jewelry case that has wheels. Many of these carrying cases hold a standard size jewelry tray with inserts. So if you are able to put your jewelry inside a tray you can stack these trays neatly and securely inside the case. The case tightly holds the trays so there is no wobbling. These cases in various sizes but some can hold up to twenty-four one inch trays. These cases are available in solid aluminum and also in soft fold downs which are great for saving space. For more durability choose the aluminum, it will protect your jewelry more and the rollers are a better quality, plus most of these have a fold down handle which is an extra convenience. Another method of carrying your jewelry is a jewelry attache' case. This is a efficient way to carry your jewelry and display it all in one step. Open the case and your trays, pads and snaps are there. Instant setup. To prevent theft make sure these have a combination lock. Using jewelry folders and rolls are also a great way to keep your jewelry secure, prevent damage and easily display your jewelry. Folders and rolls are available in a combination or in individual pieces such as just for earrings or just for rings. These are easy to carry and easy to display in simply unzip the folder or unroll the roll and your jewelry is ready to be sold. Make sure there are protector pads in the folders. When traveling, if bringing jewelry displays make sure each display has a swing-flat cardboard easel. Fold down displays are essential when traveling. Use fold down mirrors too. This prevents breakage and is more compact. The choice of carrying cases and displays depends on you and what your use is. Whether it be for quick step up, convenience in traveling or displaying purposes. Picking the right cases and displays will make your traveling life just a bit easier.
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