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Typical normcore style beverage shop


This beverage shop, located in Nanshan, Shenzhen, has conquered every visitor with its exquisite decoration, sweet scent of soft drinks and elegant environment.

As a typical normcore style, this shop use a large area of industrial elements, matching with a small amount of blue and purple, having iron bar counter chandeliers collide with gray system, make the entire space with a layer of color enhanced a lot.

On the basis of retaining the original grey and white tone, a small amount of wood color is used to enhance the temperature sense of the entire space skilfully. The delicate ornaments and neat cups are placed in an orderly manner.  With it’s warm, comfortable and light-colored walls, wooden tables, exquisite desserts, this modern dessert shop can let your impetuous heart slowly subside


The shop is small, but it fullies equipped. The furniture part skillfully uses pure color tone, with its  unique structured and meticulous workmanship, making the whole store even more unique. In words, in addition to the good and delicious desserts, the most important thing is the atmosphere of the interior decoration.


In the store, a large area of wood color lays the main tone of the space, the overall tone of this shop is bright, the cool feeling is in line with the design trend of the fast-selling brand. Besides, suitable soft decoration can obviously soften the space, bring vitality and warmth to milk tea shop, make customers happy. The green plants, colorful fruits and some novelty objects become vivid decorates in the space naturally. 

Cabinets, bar counters, tables, chairs and other facilities, with its simple line structure, frees up more space for the shop. At the same time, the distance between the chandelier and the tables can just form an intimate atmosphere perfectly, opening up a relatively small space. In such a beverage store, the traffic volume is large and the speed of change is fast so that the noise and crowding is inevitable. It is hoped that this state can be resolved by the simple and orderly overall design.

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