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using fishbowl containers as display tools

by:OUYEE     2019-12-18
From convenience stores to gift shops, fish tanks can be used as a display tool for many different types of retail businesses.
Look at how many features the fish tank has: like a traditional square or round plastic container, the plastic fish tank container is the ideal tool for making table top displays.
These spheres are perfect for displaying small candy and non-Candy
Edible items such as key chains, matches and lighters.
The size and number of fish tanks you use to show will depend on how much counter space you have.
Choose the material of your fish tank
Plastic or glass
Depending on the flow of your countertop area experience and the visual appeal you\'re trying to create.
Plastic is best suited for the area with busy traffic, while glass adds more elegance to your monitor.
Remember, you can use the wire display stand to make the most of your countertop space (see below).
Pair the tank container with the floor wire display rack if your countertop doesn\'t provide much space, or you \'d rather show the tank in the entire store, you can use the wire display rack.
The design for table top display and floor display has a wire display stand.
If you don\'t have much space on your countertop, or you just want to make the most of the room it offers, choose a wire display rack designed specifically for your countertop display.
These shelves usually have one to three shelves, perfect for small fish tanks filled with small candy or mini extrason items.
Wire display racks designed for floor displays offer many shelves, ideal for displaying extra small items next to larger, similar displays at the end of the aisle.
For example, you may want to create a travel Display-
There are health products of the size next to your big full showsized items.
Keep in mind that putting your fish tanks on the wire display stand means they are higher off the ground, so you may want to choose a plastic fish tank for these display racks.
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