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Vision To Create And A Commitment To Eternal Beauty In Jewelry Shop


Luxury and beautiful retail jewellery shop interior design to showcasing a vast array of exceptional jewelry and gemstones. Designed by Ouyee display designer in Guangzhou China.

Bunda style is born of a heritage, a vision to create and a commitment to eternal beauty. Created with the finest craftsmanship by one of Bunda’s master jewelers, each piece bears the signature Bunda hallmarks of classic yet unique, directional yet ageless.

The store emphasizes the integrity of the space and the consistency of its characteristics. We design the area according to its different functions, such as high-end Jewelry wall mounted display area, general jewelry display area and gondola display area. 

The whole internal planning is tight and compact, the space is cross orderly. The whole shop mainly focus on the integrity of the space and the sense of luxury and elegance.

The beauty of the indoor environment is expressed through light. Without light means no space, no color, and no shape. Light can make the indoor environment appear and stand out. 

In this case, the entire store uses warm light, highlighting the gorgeousness and luxury of jewelry. The most characteristic lighting of the whole store is the high-end jewellery wall display area. All the lights are emitted from the side of the showcase and projected onto the wall, which create a different visual experience to the customers. 

With many years professional experience on retail shops, were confident that we can support and help you with your shop sales by our design.

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