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Welcome to an attractive foot ware world


The space is organised around a large display feature that glows in the centre of the dark store. This room within a room – containing different footwear selection – has walls made from glass fins, a pale herringbone-patterned floor and a large lightbox covering its ceiling.

This footwear area utilises a ceiling made entirely of diffusion lighting to create a completely different feel from the surrounding shopping area.The panels are finished with white – a stone-like material made from acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate. Gaps between each are filled with built-in shelves to serve as nooks and platforms for displaying products.

Around the outside of this volume, brass display tables surround the base and a planter wraps the top. The same metal is used to form display rails around the sides of the store, where clothes are hung in front of concrete walls.

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors also feature, along with two large cabinets lined in red for displaying sculptures and rare designs.On the back wall of the store is a graphic panel that continues the geometries of the panels. The rear of the store appears to continue and spiral on towards infinity.

The resulting frames are installed as cross sections in a line down the length of the store, forming tube-like voids through the interior that evoke the store's logo.

The design has an illusory effect, and resembles an extruded figure-of-eight turned at an angle. Through the extrusion, translation and rotation of the logo.

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