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What are the design principles of the display showcase


What are the design principles of the display showcase? OUYEE Display explains "What are the design principles of the display showcase", I hope it can help you.

What are the design principles of the display showcase

Reduce the specification and quantity of standardized composite parts to the minimum value, in order to combine, change rich, convenient, strong interchangeability, multifunctional, easy to save, easy to transport, beautiful, durable.

Pipe rack assembly structure

(1)spherical joint multi-directional bolt fastening type

The joint is a spherical structure with 18 screw holes.

The frame adopts the form of round pipe,

The two ends are provided with movable bolts,

You can do multiple combinations.

(2)plug-in combination

The connecting members adopt 2-6 direction joints.

Multiparty pluggable combination is available.

The frame structure adopts round pipe or square pipe.

(3)groove snap spring type

The frame is a grooved special alloy or compound plastic pipe.

The vertical frame has multiple grooves to accommodate multiple requirements.

The upper and lower horizontal frames are slotted on both sides for clamping

Shape board, etc.

(4)parallel casing and socket

Welded into frame members from round steel,

Assemble with small connectors.

(5)two to embrace

Adopt the round pipe frame structure, make it through the bolt to use the clasp type joint to fix.

Panel connection structure

1.Two pieces clip type

Connected to two pieces of panel Angle can be adjusted freely within the range 90 °, 180 °.

2.Multi-directional clamp type

It is suitable for clamping pieces of multi-direction connection and fastening with bolts.

3.Eight-way chuck type

Using metal and plastic production of the eight - way chuck connector, the exhibition board for eight - direction spelling or upward extension.

4.Hinge clip type

The two clamps are bolted together for post-assembly expansion Version can be adjusted Angle.

The assembly structure

1.Folding display showcase

The display stand and display showcase base part adopt folding frame plate, which can be covered by the table after unfolding;

The glass of the display showcase can be inserted into the groove of the table, and the four corners are connected by a package Angle or a bracket Angle member.

2.Disassembly display showcase

Can be in the groove or plug - in form of the display shelf glass or add a table board to form a display showcase.

3.Mobile barriers

4.Groove slide rail type

Beautiful style

Design elements

1.Regional factors

Display showcase design process must consider the regional factors mainly refers to the size of the display cabinet and the shape of each part of how to arrange the location, the characteristics of the initial perception is the display showcase design process should consider the primary factor.

Of course, area element also includes to show ark and of course the agree with between putting a position the colour that shows ark and underwear series product, put the harmonious sex of the respect such as position, lamplight.

This is consistent with the concept of colorimetry, to help make the collocation of various colors more harmonious, and to determine the main product positioning to give users the visual sense is solemn?Modern?Fashion?The new generation?

Or other positioning to coordinate the display showcase design color, embodied in the coordination of products and display cabinets to give people a sense of logic, rather than the two have a big disconnect, so it will be difficult for consumers in the diverse store information on your products deep memory.

2.Aesthetic factor

Second people's aesthetic factors into account, this is mainly embodied in the place of reveals ark itself relative position and the relative positions of the display ark and put in balance and stability, the stability and balance the perfect words to transmit the brand to consumers better to express meaning, whole points of kinds, such as relaxing or elegant solemn, etc.

Then display showcase design process, shen Yang display showcase team will be the primary role of above two factors, also want to notice to stores, brands, products, users all aspects of coordination, and from point, line, face to better display to showcase design, driving mechanism of innovative product ideas reveals ark to make brands stand out in the store.

Solve these relatively difficult problems, display showcase design in detail place also want to do as well as possible, such as to solve the practicality of display cabinet, let the brand promotional personnel easy to operate, but also to let consumers easy to see product information and easy to obtain;

Want to solve the environmental protection problem that shows ark for instance, show ark to sell as sell to contact with large quantities of people directly, its environmental protection must do well;

For example, the display of goods, here do another focus:

Three, display factor

Brand is not only the object of the display and sale, and these goods is embodying the store atmosphere, and as an indispensable role in the stores, the display of goods layout not only reflects a kind of static information in the stores, and will be converted to visual dynamic information, greatly affect consumer behavior, therefore, display showcase design for accommodation with the display of products, make reveal ark product marketing and product display between the smell, so the successful product display and display ark itself is also a "static salesman".

The principle of display showcase design is as follows:

Want the commodity that classifies a key to sell and the commodity that key recommends, classification is high-grade, in grade, withstand a product, want to have the principle of primary and secondary trenchly in display, want to give conspicuous position to key commodity, give intense vision to experience etc.

Only full consideration of the above issues, good communication, progressive display showcase design, to a superior product.

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