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What are the maintenance errors of the display showcase


Display showcase, is a kind of props is mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets and other stores to display goods, storage goods, with the appearance of personality, powerful function, but also with advertising effect, so as to achieve better profit objectives.

What are the maintenance errors of the display showcase? OUYEE Display explains "What are the maintenance errors of the display showcase", I hope it can help you.

What are the maintenance errors of the display showcase?

In order to improve the life of display showcase and let display showcase easier to show the effect of the product, we need to display showcase maintenance and repair, the following on display showcase maintenance errors and attention.

Surface cleaning

Soap water, washing liquid and other cleaning products not only can not effectively remove the accumulation of dust on the surface of the display cabinet, but also can not remove the silica sand particles before polishing, and because it has a certain corrosive, thus will damage the surface of the jewelry counter, let the display cabinet paint become dark without light.

At the same time, if water infiltrates into the wood, it will also cause mildew or local deformation of the wood, reducing the service life.

Many display cabinets are made by fiberboard machines. If there is water infiltration into the first two years, because formaldehyde and other additives have not completely volatilized, they will not become moldy.

But once the additives evaporate, the moisture from the wet cloth can cause mildew on the display cabinets. If the floor is lower, the display cabinets in the home may be "mildew" every year.

Here also reminds you, even if some display cabinet surface with piano paint coating, can be swabbed with water properly also do not leave the wet cloth for a long time on the display cabinet surface, so as to avoid moisture infiltration into the wood.

Leather maintains

A lot of show ark nurse gush the specification on wax to write to be able to be used at maintaining leather sofa, caused a lot of housewife to make a mistake.

And show the assistant in ark inn knows, show ark nurse gush wax can be used to spray woodiness to reveal ark surface only, cannot spray is on sofa.

This is because dermal sofa is the skin of animal actually, once gush candle gush above, the pore that can bring about leather product is blocked, day long day is long, leather can ageing and shorten its service life.

In addition, some people look to let show ark have burnish more, make product of a few wax direct daub is on show ark, or use unseemly, can let show ark surface to have mist shape spot instead.

Wipe the tool

Had better use towel, cotton cloth, cotton fabric or flannelette to wait for absorbent quality cloth to wipe.

Coarse cloth, wired head of cloth or a sewing, buttons and so on will cause cosmetic display showcase appearance scratches of old clothes, should try to avoid the use of.

Dust treatment

Dust is made of fiber, sand and silica. Many people use a dry cloth to clean and wipe the surface of their display cabinets.

Actually these fine grain are in the attrition that wipes back and forth, had damaged to show ark lacquer face.

Although these Nick are minuscule, even naked eye is to cannot see, but as time passes, can bring about to reveal ark surface bleak and coarse, brightness no longer.


When take care of after display ark found part of water has not dried, need to display the ark in the sun, a wrong behavior, because most display ark for stick leather wooden display showcase, display cabinet in the excitation water cool light and heat, thermal expansion and contraction, will cause display cabinet appearance out of shape, or even stick off the skin.

Greatly reduce the display cabinet service life and beautiful.

Reveal ark is an essential part of any brand product sales carrier a display, just want to set up the brand image, brand visual perception so as to let the consumer to the enterprise brand make a good no matter what kind of products, the company sales of enterprise should be tailor-made for their products display cabinets, but if maintain undeserved, can greatly reduce the service life of the display case...

So, of display ark take care of oneself knowledge is a lot of should be aimed at the material that shows ark oneself, will undertake maintaining.

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