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What are the maintenance tips for display showcas


Display showcase, is a kind of props is mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets and other stores to display goods, storage goods, with the appearance of personality, powerful function, but also with advertising effect, so as to achieve better profit objectives.What are the maintenance tips for display showcas? OUYEE Display explains "What are the maintenance tips for Display showcas", I hope it can help you.

What are the maintenance tips for display showcas?

Store decoration completed, each store display showcase its image, layout are almost complete, customers also began to make money.

But to just do a reasonable maintenance of the display showcase, the shop repair rate will be greatly reduced, here to tell you a display showcase maintenance cabinet door:

The new display showcase to scrub, because there are some residual glue around it, in your regular scrub process, these things will disappear, slowly will be more bright, especially the surface is acrylic display showcase, it is more polished.

But aluminum do display showcase is a little picky, scrub should pay more attention to, because its surface a layer of aluminum, it is easy to be scratched, especially the case display showcase, take the case, pull to pull, a few days to the surface of the aluminum off, so we must be careful in the use of display showcase.

Display showcase plant and professional dust-free spray paint room, in the production of materials, technology development, quality inspection and production process have strict standards, every detail is striving for perfection, and more skilled technical workers in the industry, so display showcase can greatly improve production efficiency!

Can complete the product design, production and installation within the time required by the customer with quality and quantity guaranteed, until the customer is satisfied with the use.

In the market economy environment, the competition of all kinds of products is increasingly fierce, especially a variety of life goods, in the big shopping mall, can have a striking, chic display space is very important, and the space in the shopping mall seems to be less and less.

So if can make good use of this display world, make it more efficient to play a role, it is the problem that the businessman and the professional company that are engaged in commercial adornment care jointly.

Senior design master free for your store design layout

A successful display showcase production should include the following:

1.Make full and reasonable use of unique space;

2.To fulfill the practical functions of displayed commodities;

3.Beautiful and novel appearance, attracting attention, while giving people a good impression;

4.Compliance with merchant CI requirements.

Such as display showcase is in a 3 meter wide, 2.A space of 5 meters high, is surrounded by other exhibit, the display showcase on either side of the glass partition is transparent, and the box out above formed a relatively independent space, back arc design makes the whole modelling is simple enough, but broke the stiff, in a narrow line of sight, to create the lively and dynamic effects, a simple and stable cabinet and platform, is enough to put down all the necessary goods, speaker wire is also very convenient;

The overall exhibition area is a typical successful work with bright vision, outstanding commodities and low cost.

Display showcase design, production way is very rich, the need for business and professional display company to cooperate with the completion.

Glass display showcase maintenance skills Along with the glass application scope expansion and the production craft level enhancement, many businesses in display showcase display shelf arrangement process like to choose the glass material decoration product.

Glass appears particularly beautiful because of its concise, glittering and translucent get rid of the characteristic that appear, but the exhibition that vitreous material pledges is provided also need us to caress meticulously in daily life.

The artistic glamour of glass makes it become nowadays one of indispensable elements in fashionable home outfit.

Glass display showcase display frame effect picture brought us the feeling, to the whole store to create a kind of ice ying texture, let a person eyes bright, refreshing, ice shuang extremely.

Nowadays the show that the vitreous material pledges on the market is provided is more and more, vitreous show is having a fragile soul, so in adornment we must caress meticulously to its.

Above all vitreous exhibition is provided fragile, often move not easily, so vitreous exhibition is provided had better installation is in more fixed place, do not often move back and forth.

The articles placed on the glass display must be handled with care, and it is not allowed to throw, throw or throw hardware articles on the glass display at a distance, otherwise it is easy to damage the surface of the glass display.

To those glasses that use frequency taller show implement, for example: table, tea table we can choose to spread a tablecloth on show implement surface, in order to avoid glass to show implement surface to be scratched.

In peacetime for the glass display of cleaning, for general stains can be wet towel, newspaper, toilet paper can be wiped.

If the surface of the glass display tool is dirty, you can choose to use a towel dipped in a little beer, white wine or white vinegar to wipe.

But never clean with a strong acid or alkaline liquid.

Because the main component of glass is silicon dioxide, not resistant to strong acid, strong alkali,this kind of liquid is easy to corrode glass.

Material for display showcase manufacture A lot of personnel to some material knowledge is not too understand, I list here the general display showcase display commonly used decoration materials, in order to prepare for their own use.

Material type: wood, stone, metal, glass, ceramic, paint, plastic, synthetic materials, binder, metal products, textile materials, hardware accessories.


A, hardwood: willow, nanmu, fruit trees (pear), wax, birch (neutral).

Features, obvious pattern, easy deformation and damage.

Appropriate does furniture, do stick face to act the role of material, the price is high.

B. softwood: pine (white pine, Korean pine) paulownia, poplar.

Characteristic, do structure, wood square, resistance to rot sex is poor, resistance to bend sex is poor, cannot do furniture.

C.synthetic wood materials: the exhibition industry is dominated by synthetic boards.

* plywood, 3 layer 1mm board (or call mu PI) crisscross overlay, the side board that often makes furniture and facing material (hua li, ju wood is such treatment makes and become.

Specifications, 1220x2440mm/20~45 yuan.

* composite board, 5cm board, 9cm board, used for structure, flexible.

* large core board, born to overcome the deformation of wood, two layers of wood filled with small pieces, according to the middle of the filling materials different prices.

Usually 15~18mm thick, 40~60 yuan or 120~150 yuan unit price.

* wood square, unified 4000mm long, white pine 1 cubic meter 1200~1500 yuan, red pine 1 cubic meter 1400~1600 yuan, beech 1 cubic meter 5000~6000 yuan.

* compression board, particle board (compressed from particle sawdust), density board (compressed with adhesive under greater pressure, bearing pressure, used for furniture).

Not easy to nail, afraid of blisters and damp.

* composite board,


Granite (the highest hardness, fine pattern, commonly used as decorative surface), marble (not high hardness, large pattern), bluestone, rubble, cobblestone, rain stone.

The above is the content of What are the maintenance tips for display showcas introduced by OUYEE Display. Thank you for your reading. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

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