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What are the standard exhibiting ark merchants in the choose and buy jewelry?

by:OUYEE     2020-03-28
Jewelry cases and is indispensable for every jewelry displays.com/products' target='_blank'>store display props, because its exhibits better display and protection effect, merchants in the choose and buy jewelry cases to what standard? Let's see see! < br /> first, jewelry cases to make materials of environmental protection. Identify the stand or fall of cases to have to distinguish from the quality, good plate on the table and on the adhesive sealing side. These material all should achieve environmental protection requirements. The plate needs to choose formaldehyde to release a quantity to amount to the man-made plank of mark. Second, the jewelry cases to check water design. Let mesa is not easy to fall under water tank, jewelry cases and mesa have join special water stop design. Also is the assurance of cases and can use for a long time. Third, the jewelry cases and sealing side. Large display case mostly use modern machinery and equipment manufacturer, to distinguish between large manufacturers exhibiting ark storefront and small workshops production cases. Judge use sealing side of high temperature and high pressure, the appearance after sealing side is neat and firm, durable in use process can prevent moisture damage to shelves, can make the cases and more durable. < br /> this is the choose and buy jewelry may follow the three criteria of exhibiting ark, hope for your help. < br /> < p> < / p>
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