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What Do You Do? I Sell Used Store Fixtures - What?

by:OUYEE     2020-08-08
'Do you have gondola?' This is a question that I am very familiar with in my line of work. This is because I sell used store fixtures. 'What are those, like, light fixtures?' That's another question I also hear more than most. It's not really unexpected through; really, I mean how many people tend to think about, what their food is sitting on. Everybody today seems to be more interested in where there food comes from, and rightly so. So, with most people worrying about where there food comes from, it's no wonder why so few people know what I am talking about.
Well, what I am talking about is, used store fixtures. I love talking store fixtures. I love it when I pick up the phone and the voice on the other end asks, in a curious voice, 'Do you sell gondola?' I love it because I love telling people yes. I tell them yes, a then go into a wonderful conversation about what type of store they are opening, why they decided to start this particular type of business. They all have a story, they are all different but they all have something in common. They all need either used store fixtures or retail displays in order for their new adventure to take place.
Once I know more about the type of retail they will be operating I can assist them in choosing the best size of used gondola shelving for their store. That is what is so great about gondola shelving in general, and used gondola shelving is even better because it saves these wonderful business owners money and that's what is in the back of their mind while I am on the phone with them. Just like how the businesses may differ in sizes so do the used store fixtures? Used gondola comes as deep as 31' to carry big heavy loads all the way to 13' deep for small shops across the country and back. The shelving and uprights are constructed with heavy duty steel. The Hardware is also shaped from metal, but my favorite part is the peg board that fills the space in the middle and provides many a store owner with retail displays ready to hold candy, leashes, and those shiny fishing lures. It is all so exciting and hopeful, and the reason why I don't mind having to tell people what used store fixtures are over and over again, is because I love business owners and what they stand for.

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