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What furniture and cases to exist the difference

by:OUYEE     2020-03-28
In our daily life, we often hear of every furniture and in all cases, it is heard too much, the result will be a really think what differences furniture and shelves, and have their own how to use purposes? A, 1, furniture is a kind of view differences families used to living necessities, is used for family category, for example, sofa, tea table and other furniture products are an example. 2, easy to store shelves is a kind of tension is used to store goods for display and show nervous carrier, for example, jewelry, glasses cases and exhibiting ark, watch cases, such as clothing, shoes and hats, jewelry cases and exhibiting ark exhibiting ark are belong to the model of store shelves, store shelves are used for business category. 2, 1, furniture place difference product is usually used in the family, is also a family will not less items, can be said to be the survival to the survival of the family need. 2, store shelves as usual is used in some big stores, specialty stores, department store shopping center and other public places, store shelves is not store inside or lack of tension in the carrier, and merchants display goods and tension for goods held propaganda promotion and business use of one of the things, can say, no store shelves, masses place at all is not normal. Store shelves, therefore, is the most nervous business inside the exhibition. Three, use difference 1, furniture is a kind of household goods, although the tension use is necessary for the family, satiety and convenient family all use where necessary. 2, store shelves, from the point of view of meaning is specifically designed to store, the key is to satiety and convenience goods held in store selling can support and to provide a display of results, in a word, the store goods held to normal transactions, to attract the attention of customers and improve customer must use the choose and buy store shelves, cannot leave, will be complete. < p> < / p>
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