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What is the classification of the display showcase


Display showcase, is a kind of props is mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets and other stores to display goods, storage goods, with the appearance of personality, powerful function, but also with advertising effect, so as to achieve better profit objectives.

What is the classification of the display showcase? OUYEE Display explains "What is the classification of the display showcase", I hope it can help you.

What is the classification of the display showcase?


The metal display showcase has more modern sense, the metal display showcase has more practical value, the metal display showcase is more durable, so the metal display showcase is the leading product of the modern display showcase.

The author has repeatedly to a variety of shopping malls to observe display showcase, display showcase can account for more than 90%.

Market in addition to the formal stainless steel display showcase and other unique shape of the metal display showcase, the author has seen a brand will be made of metal tube showcase to show clothes, give a person a different feeling.

Metals have been popular since thousands of years ago, and most people use them to show their noble qualities.

The inherent quality of the metal display showcase is unmatched by other display showcase.

So the future of the metal display showcase must be more glorious.

Wood products

Wooden display shelf: mainly by environmental protection wood material, with a special fire plate plus a variety of decorative materials and glass cover made.

For some of the more expensive jewelry, clothing, precision instruments, mobile phones and a variety of computer goods used shelves.

No fixed standard, according to commodity demand and ground position, can do a standard shape or shaped display showcase.


Light glass display showcase: light perforated glass display showcase is a highly versatile structural system, can be widely used in the assembly of light rack, worktable, tool car, suspension system, safety net and support framework.

The length of the punched Angle steel can be cut quickly according to the scale, assembled arbitrarily with screws, corrected and reinstalled, so that it can meet the needs of well-planned use and emergency use.

Penthouse type glass display showcase: all combined structure, can use wood plate, pattern plate, steel plate, and other materials to do floor, can be flexibly designed into the second floor and multi-layer, suitable for hardware tools.

Electronic equipment, machinery parts and other items of small packaging parts storage, storage of a variety of small batch goods make full use of space.

Walkway display showcase: designed to store a large number of similar pallet goods.

The pallets are placed one by one on the supporting guide rail according to the depth direction, which increases the storage density and improves the space utilization.

This kind of shelf is usually used in storage space expensive occasions, such as frozen warehouse.

Passageway display showcase has four basic components: the frame, guide rail support, tray guide rail and oblique rod, etc.

This kind of warehouse has high utilization and can realize fifo or fifo.

Suitable for storage of large quantities, small varieties of goods, batch operations.

The minimum available space provides the maximum storage.

It is suitable for large quantities and small varieties of goods storage operations.

Forklift can be directly into the cargo lane to access goods, extremely convenient operation.

Mechanical equipment requirements: counterbalanced forklift or stacker glass display showcase features: suitable for low inventory flow storage;

Provides 20-30% selectivity;

Used for warehouse with low delivery rate.

Ground utilization: 60%, higher (calculated according to the above design).

Type of the lacquer that bake

Adopt paint production process display showcase, we called paint display showcase.

The lacquer that bake the light display showcase is better than the inferior smooth, it is not easy to change color, and do very then, daily ordinary are half wet towel are available, and if there is do not break a stain, can use the washing powder, toothpaste to wash, it is not easy to fade, and wipe after if brightness is new, don't want to inferior smooth display showcase, dirty with a small brush to wash brush, hemp pit because of its appearance in the dust, hard to get ready.

Paint display showcase color rich, can do a variety of models, for the product characteristics of the display and display of product brand image have a good embodiment.

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