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What kind of jewelry booth can be called a good jewelry booth

by:OUYEE     2020-03-29
What kind of jewelry booth can be called a good jewelry exhibition booth, do manual work is good? Select material quality? No, a good jewelry counter can foil the beauty of jewelry exhibition, to attract customers to call it a good booth, jewelry booth is the appearance of the jewelry sales, its decorate directly affect the sales of jewellery. So how to effectively booth arrangement jewelry? Should pay attention to the following: < br /> < br /> jewelry booth first, using the correlation method on the display can be two or more different colors, shapes, ingeniously integrated jewelry, cause different visual differences between objects and things, to highlight the role of the theme and rendering of the jewelry. Comparison shows that the main performance for color contrast, texture contrast. < br /> < br /> jewelry cases to the second, planning reasonable position, and the layout of the jewelry products, according to the brand style and culture. The whole shop jewelry exhibition display layout, style and culture should be consistent. As a high-grade fine jewelry store, display to highlight luxurious, delicate, emphasizes the artistic atmosphere, but as a general jewelry store, goods should be put in prominent, rich detail, make consumers feel they can afford, buy the benefits. Third, can use symmetry principle, will show jewelry, axisymmetric method can be divided into segments and center symmetry method. Fourth, jewelry display and store illumination can highlight the shape of the products, color, texture, attract the attention of the customer. Counter lighting configuration need scientific and reasonable, under normal circumstances, red, turquoise and other gems of warm yellow light, need to configure the diamond, light blue, cool color moves, such as opal gemstones, pearls, jade configuration demands of white light such as easy to dehydration jewelry small cup, maintain a certain humidity, illumination temperature is not too high. Axisymmetric symmetrical layout, the sides of the symmetrical rectangular, trapezoidal a common pattern, and 11 types of various combinations of jewelry of the centerline of the method. Center symmetry method, around a center symmetric jewelry arrangement, graphics common round, radial. < p> < / p>
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