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Why are all jewelry display ark, others are more high-end!

by:OUYEE     2020-03-30
When we go shopping, there will always be the heart, that is the same jewelry shops, but always felt that a more high-end than another, actually appear this kind of circumstance, because of some factors, so just can have this kind of situation, then shelves - shenzhen - - - - - - Typical art workshop for everyone to explain, why are jewelry shops, others are more high-end! < br /> < br /> a, cases and colour respect: < br /> < br /> cases and color design is concise, if the color change is likely to cause consumer visual fatigue but not too much to highlight the effect. Using the standard corporate logo, color and its approximate color, is very simple to solve the above problem. The color of the logo design with strong accuracy and simplicity. In terms of accuracy, sign for the choice of the color is the most demanding of all art forms, the most rigorous, must conform to the enterprise nature of the product, what kind of product is what kind of features, we must use what kind of color to reflect it; In terms of simplicity, marks for cases and colour chooses another principle is simple, just like people with clothing is generally not more than three colors. Harmonious color positive, bright, relaxed, happy; Not harmonious colour, on the other hand, it makes the person feels negative, depression, weight, fatigue. Visual aspects: < br /> < br /> modern shelves design, based on the behavioral aspects of generality, the vision storefront design should attract a lot of plane composition, three-dimensional construction and principle of color composition, and shelves in the design practice has formed a relatively complete design principle and law. Storefront design purpose is to make consumers most effectively accept information in the limited time and space. Therefore, storefront design is around how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of display activities. In addition to the design of the display environment itself, showing objects displayed in the form of design and important content of the storefront design. So in addition to the general space design of the basic law, human in ornamental display object is a visual physiology and the psychological process is the basic premise of storefront design, so the shelves design should do big limit let customer looked at comfortable, very natural. Three, subsidiary material: < br /> < br /> cases to make the accessory material, actually is also under a few adornment, such as carve patterns or designs on woodwork, prints, etc. Not too fancy design, the overall image to design should be combined with the store, let rise to adorn the accessory material such as print, carve patterns or designs on woodwork. Jewelry display casefor a jewellery shops or shopping malls, is very important, sho ten cases to high-end custom jewelry display ark, for the style, color, and the overall layout of the store to design suitable for shop jewelry display ark, let your shop overall seem to give a person a kind of high grade feeling atmosphere. < br /> < br /> 4, under the light: < br /> < br /> halogen lamp power consumption is big, yellow light warm color. LED such as small power consumption, the cool color of white light. According to the needs of your light color to choose. Display cabinet lighting design from the top first light source. Reveal ark inside with fluorescent lighting in order to improve the overall brightness. In addition, the counter or so more than two Angle of installation of the side cold light lamp and LED lamp as a supplement light source, in order to improve the depth of the product. In particular by means of jewelry display ark, corner lamp or LED lamp light reflecting diamond unique edges and textures to arouse the desire to buy customers. Jewelry store has sold goods are more expensive, but also to highlight the glittering and translucent get rid of the effect and blinding effect can foil more jewelry noble quality and is contracted, generous, attract customers attention, after all, must be jewelry, rather than other adornment to adorn article. Top of the metal halide lamp and lamp as the main light source, and island ark form by a lamp lighting order to improve the effect of the area light. < br /> < br /> the above is the causes of this situation, you will find the main or store decoration and the different quality of jewelry display ark, just can have this kind of circumstance happening. Then we will need to choose from these aspects, the high-end jewelry display ark and high-end design, let more high-end jewelry shops and beautiful! < br /> < br />
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