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Why high-end jewelry cases will put a small glass of water?

by:OUYEE     2020-03-30
Why high-end jewelry cases will put a small glass of water? , from the jewelry cases to see have a small glass of water, don't give jewelry some water? Actually high-end jewelry displays.com/products' target='_blank'>shelves inside the lights of the light is very strong, the temperature is very high, and a day to open a long time, around the jewelry jade especially if the humidity is not high, so itself free of water molecules will evaporate, so will lose moist luster, dry quickly, can damage or the quality of the jade jewelry, oh. Of course a lot of jewelry are need water, is one of the most simple example, African water opal, 10 - moisture content 20%, porous, easy to lose moisture craze, but not all of the opal so, Australia and Mexico are relatively stable. Opal is one of the most need moisture jewelry, also known as opal, strong water imbibition, when we learn opal teacher also told us that because of the opal has a strong water imbibition so if will be sticky tongue licking. Opal chemical composition is SiO2 ˙ nH2O, water content is very high, opal this stuff can't put dry box, let alone the illuminate of continuous high temperature in the jewelry display counter. Sure to crack! ! By the way not only the opal will crack, in fact, most of the stones will, most jade also. Is it. < p> < / p>
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