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why the brand story must be communicated consistently


From the moment when customer enter your store,their feeling and emotion whether instantly enticed depend on the environment retailer create,which is ambient of the combination of product , shopfitting, engagement,delivering a clear message to represent the identity of brand.


When a message or a story is inconsistent, it becomes diluted and less impact. That’s  why the brand story must be communicated consistently, across all channels, to resonate with your target audience.

How a brand story can be told through immersive retail design?Push your messaging consistently through all of social media marketing, your website, your logo — every interaction and representation of your brand.The timeless designs, fonts, lighting,temperature,images, and color are instantly recognizable.Since every component is essential to telling your story, down to the font of your storefront sign, documented guidelines serve as a reference to which every aspect of your business should align.

But you also have to use those channels to live your brand story. You have to show that your back story is relevant and that you are actively propelling that narrative,Through social media, consumers want to see that youre living up to the original vision.

Keep this in mind with product development, too. Avoid creating multiple products with vastly different branding styles,Every element of your brand — from story narrative to visuals — should have a purpose. Your products should assist each other, not fight for attention or shelf space.

When done right, it creates a magical bond and develops a relationship past products.Effective branding will either convince a customer to buy from you or from your competition.If they’ve never purchased from you before, branding and narrative is what will prompt them to take a chance on your brand.When people can see your passion, they want to be a part of it.

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