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Year End Retail Preparations

by:OUYEE     2020-08-10
The end of the year can be a busy and exciting time for retail boutiques. There is so much to do that it can seem overwhelming. Besides all of the paperwork and financials that you need to do, you should concentrate on some of the more fun changes that need to be made around the store. Use this guide to help you get your new year off to a great start and avoid some of the hassles that you experienced in the past year.
1) Did you lose inventory to theft last year? Do something about it. Use glass displays.com/products' target='_blank'>display cases to present your more valuable merchandise. You can instate an inventory count of these locking display cases at the beginning and end of each person's shift. This should reduce theft of some of your pricier items. You can also adjust lighting or the position of items that are disappearing so that they are spotlighted. Bright lights make people feel as if they are being watched, which makes them far less likely to steal. Use props, such as decoy cameras and security tags, even if they're not activated or working. People won't be willing to risk it if they think there is a possibility of being caught.
2) Was it hard to manage your inventory last year because of reduced storage space? Now is a great time to revamp your storage room so that it can more easily accommodate next year's inventory. Nesting garment racks are great for hanging many clothes that you're getting ready to put out on the floor. You can hang and steam clothing on these racks and then push them close together to take up less space. Another alternative is to use longer rods on your slatwall. Slatwall accessories that stick out a little further into the store can help you to keep a lot of your inventory out on the floor without taking up much more space.
3) Does your store look crowded? A lot of times, boutiques will opt for location over space. This means that if you're in the part of town that you want to be, you will likely have less space than you would like. A boutique crowded with garment racks packed with clothes is not very attractive. Using slatwall or creating free-standing slatwall displays with slatwall panels is a great way to utilize all of the usable space in your store. Not only can you move clothing up higher where people can see them, but you can reduce the blind spots in your store, keep most of your inventory out on the floor, and easily adjust your displays to fit the amount of inventory that you have.

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