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Your Jewelry Booth

by:OUYEE     2020-05-13
It is important to market yourself and your jewelry in the most professional way. The right presentation is going to definitely boost your sales. It's the difference between how much time you would spend in a beautiful, trendy, and attractive store, as opposed to a tacky and unkempt store. Your booth creates a lasting first impression of you and your work. It only takes a few seconds for a potential customer to decide whether or not they want to stay and browse or move on to some other vendor. You have to use those few seconds to hook them and reel them in. If you have a sign (you should), it must be easy to read, eye-catching, and to the point. It never hurts to add a little design to show that you take pride in your work. (If you don't care about the sign, you can't possibly care about the work). Make sure people can read the sign and understand who you are and what you do. If you choose to display prices, print them in a very soft and pretty way. No one wants prices thrown at them with a big and bold sign. Once your customers have entered and/or approached your booth, make sure they can get to and reach anything they might be interested in. Avoid a cluttered look. Moods can change the moment people see clutter. If it is a walk-in booth, be sure people and can walk in and out without having to bump into everyone going in the opposite direction. As far as ambiance, make sure the vibe in one place is the same vibe throughout the booth. You can get the same fabric to use as a tablecloth, a swag across the entrance, and a drape throughout the interior. This creates an awesome flow. Too many random patterns and materials can look tacky. And be sure to only have shadows where you don't want people to look. No shadow should cast across your jewelry. You want it to be easy to see at all times. Many people would like to get an idea of how your jewelry looks on an actual person. So, make sure to wear your work. For everything you wear, have another one available for anyone who admires it. It always helps to have a piece that you are currently working on with you. Potential customers value the work more when they see it coming to life before their very eyes.
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